George Claghorn

Namespacing GraphQL classes in Rails apps

The GraphQL Ruby library encourages placing GraphQL classes such as type definitions under the app/graphql/ directory in Rails applications. Here’s an example from the GraphQL Ruby homepage:

# app/graphql/types/profile_type.rb
class Types::ProfileType < Types::BaseObject
  field :id, ID, null: false
  field :name, String, null: false
  field :avatar, Types::PhotoType

Because Rails treats all subdirectories of app as root directories for the purpose of autoloading, classes in app/graphql/types/ are nested in a top-level Types module. In the above example, app/graphql/types/profile_type.rb defines Types::ProfileType. But Types is too general a top-level namespace for GraphQL type definitions. The GraphQL schema class defined in app/graphql/schema.rb is named Schema, but it’s specifically a GraphQL schema, not a generic schema. It would be nice to nest GraphQL-specific modules and classes in a GraphQL-specific namespace.

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